Before we start, it should be noted that playing a Zombie is actually quite fun, many people show up at HvZ games with the intention of starting Zombie (and bless all of you who do! :). If you do get killed (which generally happens to everyone by the end) then you are likely to feel pretty disappointed for a few minutes. It will pass, and you will feel the hunger for human flesh. Go and kill! And as a side note, for those of you that leave after turning Zombie, there's no need for you to show up in the first place. We don't need you, and you're a douche. This is different from needing to leave early, that's fine - but leaving because you don't want to be a Zombie makes you a crybaby. And let me tell you this, crybabies don't survive the Zombie Apocalypse.

(play nice, or else we'll eat you)

Also, sometimes it's hard to see where the darts hit, and sometimes it's hard to feel when the darts hit. If you hit someone with a dart, let them know. If they don't believe you, sometimes you can look on the ground and see the dart in front of them, but sometimes there are disputes. And sometimes you shoot someone before being tagged, sometimes you the tag happens before the shot.

Because the game is so full of adrenaline, it's very easy to get overly emotionally invested in the immediate results.

This is, unfortunately, the path to douchedom. Take a breath, try to figure it out, and in the end if you don't know, just give it to the other side. It turns out it won't necessarily matter that much, and remember, the moment you die doesn't mean you "lose" - it means you get to join the ever-expanding and most-likely-to-win team of the Zombies.

Along these same lines, it's easy in the heat of battle to take things physically too far. Watch the head shots. Don't push. Be careful of crouching zombies. Crouching zombies, move to the side if you are blocking a narrow passageway. Winning a game by hurting people doesn't count as a win.