Figure 1.1a - Screaming Crazy Person

The "Tank"

This is how I roll (see ridiculous photo to right). The Tank carries lots of ammo and lots of ways to throw ammo, usually with multiple semi-automatic or automatic weapons. I have been known to carry four weapons, though this starts to restrict movement quite a bit. For me one of the best guns for beginners or advanced players is the Stryfe, it's small, powerful, simple and reliable. You can also shoot them one-handed which means you can dual-wield, but you should probably have a sling on at least one of them so you can free up a hand to change clips. At a minimum remove the safeties as discussed in Modifying Your Equipment and consider overvolting. For a long time I used two over-volted Stryfes, and this is still one of my favorite combinations. Another option is the extremely powerful RapidStrike which is fully automatic, but quite heavy. In my experience the RapidStrike is unreliable with it's normal battery setup though some people have no problem with theirs. I had jam problems and the dart pusher would sometimes get stuck, leaving the gun unusable. Overvolting helps this problem but requires rewiring in my opinion, otherwise the temperature safeties in my gun would shut the gun down. After rewiring and switching to LiPo batteries, my only problem is that I can shoot ammo so fast that I run out quickly.